theoretical and mathematical physics


Before your arrival

If you have accepted a PhD or a post-doctoral position in our department, you will be contacted by Hélène Kajianis. She will start collecting information and documents in order to initiate the grant fellowship procedure and she will guide you through the mandatory administrative steps related to your stay in Belgium.

Please keep in mind that non-European post-doctoral fellows will have to wait a certain time before obtaining their work permit. It is indeed essential to send us the necessary documents as soon as possible.

Documents/Information to provide:

  • date of your arrival in Brussels to start your postdoc
  • copy of your passport or identity card
  • your birth date AS WELL AS place of birth (city and country)
  • your nationality
  • ID photo saved in .jpg (perfect in electronic version as the rest)
  • your current complete legal address
  • date you did or will defend your thesis AND where (name of institution and city/country)
  • proof of your defense of thesis
  • the title of your research project
  • a recent Curriculum Vitae
  • general website of the university:
  • person to contact if you need guidelines concerning your visa: Delphine Dieudonn√©
  • most visited websites to find an accommodation in Brussels:



webpage of the Housing Office of the ULB