theoretical and mathematical physics


You are a visitor

If you plan to visit our department, please refer it to Delphine at least one week before your arrival by mentioning the exact date, time and duration of your visit.

  • At your arrival, you receive the key of your temporary office.

The key and its key holder must absolutely be returned to Delphine, Hélène or Fabienne at the end of your stay.

  • Wi-Fi procedure: 

Eduroam: you enter your usual netID and password

Guestroam: you can create your own requests for temporary wifi codes by going to the website:

Specify Université Libre de Bruxelles in the field Institution you wish to visit and ResULB as department. Afterwards, you receive a validation code to confirm your email/your mobile number

  • Concerning the reimbursement of travel and accommodation fees, you must supply all the original receipts and payment proofs in relation with your travel and your stay.

Delphine will also ask you a copy of your passport and the details of your bank account (IBAN/BIC).

All of these documents/information must be given to Delphine before you leave.