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During your stay


If you plan to travel, please follow the instructions below:

  • First, send an email advising your promoter about your intention to travel. He will provide details about the budget and the account number which can cover the expenses.
  • Advise Delphine about this travel, providing the financial information you get from your promoter.
  • Fill in a mission authorization online or, if you don’t have your ULDID yet, fill in this document. Make sure to indicate the exact dates of arrival and departure since the calculation of the Per Diem is based on the number of nights spent in the country.
  • Insurance: If your private insurance does not cover you for business travel then ask Delphine or HĂ©lĂšne to send a subscription form to the insurance so that you will be covered and assisted in case of problems (health, accident, etc.) during your mission.
  • One option is to contact the official providers: they change regularly, in accordance with the requirements of public procurement. You will need to ask Delphine for the list of the official providers of the moment.
  • Another option, if you find a better price and/or terms, is to order your tickets electronically, pay with your credit card and claim for reimbursement afterwards. 

You are responsible for making your own reservations. 

In case this expense is to be charged on a ULB account, please make sure that the hotel bill mentions your name, making it official in order for ULB to reimburse you.


As soon as possible upon return from your trip, provide Delphine with one ORIGINAL and one copy (recto/verso) of the following:

  • travel reimbursement form

  • original or electronic boarding passes, flight/train tickets glued (no staple!) on A4 recuperation sheets (recto/verso)

  • original travel justification documents (flight/train/hotel and taxi invoices between hotel and airport only, etc.) glued (no staple!) on A4 recuperation sheets (recto/verso)

  • If you have used your personal car, please fill in also the relating form: car expenses declaration

  • for expenses made by credit card, please provide a copy of the monthly statement of expenses of your credit card showing such expenses – the rest may be whited out.


  1. Any meal cost shown on hotel bills and/or conference registration fee have to be deducted from the per diem.
  2. By agreement with your promoter, you may only be reimbursed either on the basis of real costs (providing all meal tickets, taxi/metro/etc. receipts) or through a per diem (lump sum). It is not allowed to mix lump sum and real cost reimbursement.
  3. In case of cash payment in another currency than EURO, please use the official conversion link accepted by ULB, print the result obtained and join it to the other justification documents


Please provide at least one week before your visitor arrives the following information to Delphine:

  • Your promoter’s agreement per email and which expenses are to be covered and on which account
  • Dates of arrival and departure of your visitor in order for her to make hotel reservations, prepare an envelope for with reimbursement forms (in case ULB covers some of the expenses), WIFI code, office key and access card as well as to update the listing of expected visitors on the white board in the hallway.

For visitors who are entitled to ULB reimbursement for some of their expenses, please note also that they will need providing the following documents to Delphine during their visit:

  • original or electronic boarding passes, flight/train tickets, taxis receipts, etc.
  • copy of their passport or identity card
  • bank details (IBAN N°, BIC or SWIFT code and address of the bank)
  • this form, filled in


Small office supplies are available in cupboards located in Delphine’s office.

In case you need other items than those available, please advise Delphine. You can take a look at the LYRECO or other catalogue available in her office and provide her with the full reference of the item chosen – preferably by email.

Please note that we try grouping the purchases in order to avoid extra delivery costs charged for purchases in small quantities. Therefore, if you use an individual printer (not the printer in the cafeteria), please do not forget to order specific ink cartridges well ahead of time specifying the full cartridge reference nr. as well as the printer type and serial number.

Please notify the secretariat each time you take the last piece of a specific item in the office supply cupboards. This contributes to an efficient stock management.

We thank you in advance for not constituting your own stock of small supplies in your office by not taking more than one piece of each item at a time. This gives everybody the chance to find the items needed.


Please note that you can purchase some small material immediately at COTUBEX (@ 10 minutes’ walk from Campus Plaine) by providing them with a “bon blanc” (document available at the secretariat. The ‘bon blanc” can be used only for an amount up to maximum 1000€).

Please note that ULB must conform to the Belgian public market regulations which means that you are only allowed to place orders with ULB official suppliers.

ULB documentation office can help you choosing equipment, products, material, software, obtaining a price offer and/or price comparison, or provide catalogs as well as specific information on ULB official or other potential suppliers.


Michel Muylaert – Gobert

DAF, Achats & Assurances

ULB – Campus du Solbosch, CP 150

Avenue F. D. Roosevelt 50, 1050 Bruxelles

℻ +32 (0) 2 650 35 25

How to proceed to order a laptop or other IT material:

  • discuss the purchase with your promoter
  • send an email to the vendor asking for an official offer
  • submit it to your promoter
  • forward to Delphine the agreement of your promoter together with a copy of the offer and the account information
  • Delphine will place the order. IT equipment ordered via ULB official suppliers is automatically insured and the insurance fee is charged on the same account as the one used for the payment of the material.

The following delivery address has to be used for parcels shipped to ULB to avoid loosing parcels:

Université Libre de Bruxelles – Magasins généraux
av. Paul HĂ©ger, Accès 2, 1050 Bruxelles
(your name – CP231 – c/o Fabienne De Neyn – NO buidling, 6th floor, office 2.O6.108/207/208)

Please draw the attention of the shipper to the opening hours of the “Magasins Généraux”:
from 8:00 to 12:00 a.m. and from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.