theoretical and mathematical physics




Riccardo Argurio

Office O.6.114
email: rargurio[at]

Research interests: String theory, holography, branes at singularities; Strongly coupled gauge theories, (super)symmetry and (super)symmetry breaking; Quantum field theory, renormalization and the hierarchy problem.

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Glenn Barnich

Office O.6.216
email: gbarnich[at]

Research interests: Quantization methods for gauge field theories, BRST and Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism, algebraic approach to anomalies and renormalization, jet bundle description of local field theories, symmetries and conservation laws in gauge and gravitational theories, higer spin gauge fields, black holes, quantum gravity, monopoles, duality, asymptotically flat and (anti-) de Sitter spacetimes, Casimir physics.

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Andrès Collinucci

Office O.6.110
email: giulio.collinucci[at]

Research interests: Supersymmetric gauge theories in various dimensions, F-theory, algebraic geometry.

Geoffrey Compère

Office O.6.101
email: Geoffrey.Compere[at]

Research interests:

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Stéphane Detournay

Office O.6.116
email: sdetourn[at]

Research interests: Quantum gravity, horizon entropy, holography, black holes. In particular: holography for non-AdS spacetimes (e.g. flat space, Kerr black holes, cosmologies), deformations of AdS/CFT, connexion to non-conformal but possibly integrable field theories, lower dimensional gravity, asymptotic symmetries.

Frank Ferrari

Office N.6.202

Research interests: Quantum theory of fields, strings and gravity, in particular: quantum theory of black holes, SYK models, tensor and matrix-tensor models, Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity.

Marc Henneaux

Office N.5.105
email: Marc.Henneaux[at]

Research interests: Asymptotic symmetries, higher spin gauge files, E(10) hidden symmetry, 3D gravity, algebraic structure of gauge theories.


Jeremìas Aguilera Damia


Research interests:

Luca Ciambelli

Office O.6.111
email: luca.ciambelli[at]

Research interests: Flat Holography, Weyl Anomalies, Carrollian Physics and Stochastic Quantum Gravity.

Oscar Fuentealba

Office N.6.204
email: Oscar.Fuentealba

Research interests:

Eduardo García-Valdecasas

Office O.6.111
email: eduardo.garcia-valdecasas[at]

Research interests: String phenomenology, the Swampland and SUSY breaking vacua. Supersymmetric gauge theories.

Yegor Korovin

Office O.6.202
email: Yegor.Korovin[at]

Research interests: Gauge/gravity duality, non-relativistic holography, flat space holography, conformal field theories.

Amaury Léonard

Office N.7.201
email: amleonar[at]

Research interests:

Sucheta Majumdar

Office O.6.117
email: Sucheta.Majumdar[at]

Research interests: Symmetries in gravity and supergravity, Duality symmetry, Field theories in light-cone gauge.

Javier Matulich

Office N.6.203
email: jmatulic[at]

Research interests:

Wout Merbis

Office O.6.204
email: wmerbis[at]

Research interests: Lower dimensional (quantum) gravity, asymptotic symmetries, black hole thermodynamics, holography (beyond AdS spacetimes).

Turmoli Neogi

Office N.6.101
email: Turmoli.Neogi[at]

Research interests: Holography, asymptotic symmetries, supergravity.

Romain Pascalie

Office O.6.202
email: romain.pascalie[at]

Research interests: Quantum field theory, SYK models, tensor and matrix models, non-linear systems.

Patricio Salgado-Rebolledo

Office O.6.202
email: psalgado[at]

Research interests:

Aldo Riello


Research interests:

Ali Seraj

Office O.6.201
email: aseraj[at]

Research interests: Symmetry structure of gauge theories and gravity, black hole thermodynamics.


Ankit Aggarwal

Office N.6.101
email: Ankit.Aggarwal[at]

Supervised by Stéphane Detournay and Alejandra Castro (UvA)
Thesis: Holography for generic black holes

Martin Bonte

Office N.7.205
email: mbonte[at]

Supervised by Glenn Barnich
Thesis: Goldstone bosons in gravitational theories

Research interests: Asymptotic symmetries in gravity and electromagnetism, BRST formalism.

Adrien Druart

Office O.6.107
email: addruart[at]

Supervised by Geoffrey Compère
Thesis: Gravitational Waveform Modelling for Large Mass Ratio Binaries

Research interests: General relativity, gravitational waves, classical black holes, self-force and radiation reaction in general relativity, extreme mass-ratio inspirals.

Adrien Fiorucci

Office N.7.201
email: Adrien.Fiorucci[at]

Supervised by Goeffrey Compère
Thesis: Quantum gravity in the infrared regime

Research interests: General relativity, asymptotic symmetries in gauge theories, group theory, gravitational radiation and memories, black holes.

Lorenzo Küchler

Office N.6.203
email: Lorenzo.Kuchler[at]

Supervised by Geoffrey Compère & Thomas Hertog (KUL)
Thesis: Aspects of gravitational waves and black holes

Research interests: General relativity, gravitational waves, black holes, extreme-mass-ratio inspirals.

Yan Liu

Office O.2.217
email: yliu6[at]

Supervised by Goeffrey Compère

Research interests: Gravitational Waves.

Ludovico Machet

Office N.7.201
email: ludovico.machet[at]

Supervised by Thomas Hertog (KULeuven) & Geoffrey Compère (ULB)
Thesis: Fundamental Physics with LISA

Research interests: Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter, Discrete Quantum Gravity, Causal Set Theory.

Daniel Nagels

Office O.2.217
email: dnaegels[at]

Supervised by Riccardo Argurio

Research interests: Goldstone bosons physics, effective field theories, bottom up holography.

Pierluigi Niro

Office O.2.217
email: pierluigi.niro[at]

Supervised by Riccardo Argurio

Research interests: Non-perturbative Quantum Field Theory, Infrared dualities, Holography.

Antoine Pasternak

Office O.2.216
email: antoine.pasternak[at]

Supervised by Riccardo Argurio
Thesis: Symmetry breaking and holography

Research interests: (Super)symmetry breaking in strongly coupled field theories, non-perturbative aspects of gauge theories, D-branes at singularities, holography and other dualities.

Antoine Somerhausen

Antoine Somerhausen

Office N.7.204
email: Antoine.Somerhausen[at]

Colin Sterckx

Office O.6.107
email: Colin.Sterckx[at]

Supervised by Riccardo Argurio

Quentin Vandermiers

Office N.6.204
email: quentin.vandermiers[at]

Supervised by Stéphane Detournay

Romain Vandepopeliere

Office N.7.204
email: Romain.Vandepopeliere[at]


Louan Mol

Office N.6.206
email: louan.mol[at]

Dominique Marchal

Office N.6.206


Jay Armas

email: jarmas[at]

Nicolas Boulanger

Office (ULB) O.6.216
UMONS: Unit "Physics of the Universe, Fields and Gravitation"
email: Nicolas.Boulanger(at)

Research interests: Higher-spin gauge theories, quantization of gauge systems and (hidden) symmetries in gravity.

Andrea Campoleoni

Office 0.6.210
email: Andrea.Campoleoni[at]
UMONS: Unit "Physics of the Universe, Fields and Gravitation"

Research interests: High-spin gauge theories, gravitational theories in three space-time dimensions, holography.

Nathalie Deruelle

Office N.7.202
email: deruelle[at]

Research interests: General Relativity, gravitational radiation, cosmology.

Gaston Giribet

email: gaston[at]

Alexander Sevrin

email: Alexandre.Sevrin[at]
Head of the department of physics and astronomy at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Guest professor at the Universities of Antwerp and Leuven
Deputy Director of the International Solvay Institutes

Research interests: Strategic Research Program "High-Energy Physics"


Fabienne DE NEYN

Office O.6.108
email: fdeneyn[at]
Tel: +32 (0)2 650 58 16

Monday to Friday: 9.30 - 17.00


Office O.6.208
email: Helene.Kajianis[at]
Tel: +32 (0)2 650 55 83

Monday: /
Tuesday: 8 am - 16 pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 8 am - 11.45 am
Friday: 12.15 pm - 16 pm


Office O.6.207
email: Delphine.Vantighem[at]
Tel: +32 (0)2 650 57 77

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Tuesday & Wednesday: 12.30 pm - 4 pm
Thursday: 8 am - 12 pm
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